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UPDATE; KHAT IS GETTING BANNED IN THE UK, We DO NOT dispatch to addresses outside of the UK. No orders will fulfilled to countries where the law strictly forbids it, as a precaution we simply do not dispatch to outside of the UK. If you think we are in error in including a country then please contact us and tell us your finding.

This section will include more than a secular law framework, it will try to cover legality of the plant within religious systems and cultural norms that leads to making laws and legality frameworks. PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE THIS PETITION TO PREVENT KHAT BECOMING CRIMINALIZED.

Khat e petition

There is a new e-petition created by Joseph Harley on Please sign it now. I thank Joseph for his effort in this issue.


Theresa May to ban khat

To remind Mrs May, if she cares about Netherlands and so that the Britain became a smuggling hub for khat to the Netherlands then why she shouldn't ask herself about the possibility that the Netherlands became a smuggling hub for class B Cannabis to UK.

The problem now with the British democracy is that an individual can make a life changing decision without voting and certainly without taking evidence into account. So basically we have to obey Mrs May or we are facing jail, just like that, In over that.

The legal status of khat in Australia

The legal status of khat in Australia

The legal status of khat in Australia is unclear, in some federal states khat appears to be legal at least for personal use while it can carry a heavy penalty for possession of a controlled drug in other states.The importation of khat is controlled under the common wealth legislation.

Cathinone is controlled under regulation 5 of the custom regulations 1956 which lists cathinone and cathine under schedule 4.

Section 20 of regulation 5 includes anything contains the substances which puts khat under control because both substance found in khat are under schedule 4.

Catha Edulis Khat in Spain

I have been searching the internet about khat in Spain however I couldn't find any information in English describing khat and that because I guess most websites are in Spanish. I came to gather that the Spanish law doesn't yet includes khat as a controlled substance even though it is clear that all European countries including the UK has a very firm anti both cathinone and cathine policies.

Legality of khat general introduction

In the UK Khat is not illegal under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 as long as it is a green plant format. However, it is worth to note that Cathinone and cathine are class C drugs which makes any artificial extraction of khat to be illegal and it could lead up to 2 years in prison plus fine for possession and up to 14 years in prison plus fine for supply. Don't risk it!

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